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Air Transport Pilots Licence
Flight Planning Lecture Course

Lectures by Dr Steven Holding

College of Aeronautical Science

Many students are aware that the standard 727  performance manual used in Flight Planning Exams contains integrated fuel burn tables. Most students never use them. The tables allow you to directly convert Air Distance into Fuel Burn or Fuel burn to Air Distance. They also work equally as well for the reverse flight plan. The answers are exact, no mid-zone weight guessing required.  Also error checking is important. You will be able to double check your answers as you work through the questions.


After course assistance is available free of charge.

Below is a brief summary of the course content.

Lectures are completed over 5 days and repeat classes are free.

Individual tutorials are available to all currently enrolled students.


  • Fast Method for Calculating TAS. (You don’t need the speed of sound formula)
  • Use of Integrated Tables
  • Flow Chart Method
  • How to use Integrated Tables to obtain exact PNR distance (Standard Ops). No Mid-zone guessing required here.
  • Some basic Physics which will short cut climb and Descent calculations
  • Use of Basic Trigonometry to short cut ETAS corrections
  • Fast Methods for PNR questions, Depressurised and One Engine Inoperable.

Also includes

  • Critical Point Calculations
  • Yaw Damp Fuel Calculations
  • Tail Skid Extended Fuel Calculations
  • Gear Down Fuel Calculations.
  • And most important of all, methods for a gross error check your working as you go through the calculation.

Course Schedule and Prices

Please contact Dr Steven Holding to obtain schedules and course fees. Alternatively go to:

Venue: Saint Johns College, College Rd, Saint Lucia, U.Q. Campus


Extra courses may be scheduled in Brisbane, depending on demand. Please let me know if you have any preferred times.

Note: Accommodation is usually available on or near university campus; Please let me know well in advance if you need accommodation.

Please contact Dr Steven Holding for course fees and account details.

Lecture courses may be repeated for free within a 12 month period. 

For details contact:

Dr. Steven Holding,

Mobile: 042 303 7474