Dr Steven Holding

The following is a list of education, teaching experience, and research publications by Dr Steven Holding


  • Bachelor of Science – combined Honours in Mathematics and Physics, 1976-78
  • 2A Honours in Physics, 1979
  • PhD thesis: Geo-Physical Investigation of Newton’s Law of Gravity, completed 1985

Teaching Experience

  • 1977-82 Resident Physics and Mathematics Tutor Kings College, University of Queensland
  • 1983 Senior Tutor, Mathematics/ Engineering Mathematics – Kings College, University of Queensland
  • 1985 Resident Physics and Engineering Tutor – Saint Johns College, University of Queensland
  • 1986 External Physics and Engineering Tutor – Saint Johns College
  • 1987-88 Specialist Tutor Engineering Mathematics – Queensland Institute of Technology, Brisbane campus
  • 1989-1992 Senior Tutor/ Lecturer in Applied and Pure Mathematics;  Mathematics Department, University of Queensland
  • 1986-2018 College of Aeronautical Science – Research and Development of course material

Research Thesis

  • Honours Thesis – Computer Simulation of Cyclones and associated Storm Surges
  • PhD Thesis – Inversion of 3-Dimensional Gravity data to reveal Subterranean Density Structure; Investigation of Newton’s Inverse Square Law of Gravity


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HOLDING S.C., TUCK G.J. A New Mine Determination of the Gravitational Constant, Nature 307, 714-16, (1984)

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STACEY F.D., TUCK G.J., MOORE G.I., HOLDING S.C., GOODWIN B.D., ZHOU R., Geophysics and the Law of Gravity Rev.Mod.Phys. 59, 157-174 (1987)

STACEY F.D., TUCK G.J., MOORE G.I., HOLDING S.C., GOODWIN B.D., Newton’s Law of Gravity and the Fifth Force Controversy, Australia Physicist 24, 133-136 (1987).

Current Research:

The current CASA syllabus for the Air Transport Pilots Licence, Flight Planning course is more than 40 years old.

I am currently researching and updated methods of teaching the ATPL Flight Planning Course.