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Lecture and Tutorial Course

By Dr Steven Holding

College of Aeronautical Science


Most students use diagrammatic methods and the flight computer to solve Navigation exercises. Provided you have time these methods work well. Unfortunately exam time limits mean that students tend to rush and make errors with diagrams. Simple Mathematical formulas are easier to execute accurately when under exam stress and time limitations.


After course assistance is available free of charge.

I will be conducting regular tutorial days at Saint Lucia campus every 2 weeks. All currently enrolled students are welcome to attend.


Below is a brief summary of the course content.

Lectures are completed over 3 days. Repeat classes are free. If students are unable to attend in person, then courses can be completed by correspondence.




The following functions are performed without use of a wiz wheel or flight computer.


¨ How to accurately calculate Drift Angle and Ground Speed without a wiz wheel

¨ Accurate method for measuring distances off a map.

¨ Fast, Accurate Method for ETA calculations using map scales.

¨ Simple Method for Calculating Speed of Sound.

¨ Simple and accurate Method for converting IAS to TAS


¨ Formula for calculating wind given TAS, GS, Track, Heading.


¨OFF Track Diversion Formulas:

  1. Extra distance (or time) due to 1 or more diversions.
  2. Distance to return to Track.
  3. Angle required to return to Track at a given point.



¨Critical Point Formula which works for both On-Track and Off-track Alternates


¨ Point of No Return (on track)

¨ Last Point of Safe Diversion to off Track Alternate

¨ Accurate Formula for converting Indicated Altitude to True Altitude

¨ Fast Method for calculating optimum altitude for maximum ground speed.

¨ Cross over Altitude



Course Schedule


Brisbane venue unless otherwise stated.


Lecture and tutorial courses are conducted in Brisbane, every 4 to 6 weeks during the year (excluding January).

Please contact Dr Steve Holding for the scheduled dates.


Venue: Saint Lucia, U.Q. Campus


Note: After course individual tuition is free of charge. I will be conducting regular tutorials on campus. Extra courses may be scheduled in Brisbane, depending on demand. Please let me know if you have any preferred times.

Note: Accommodation is usually available on campus; Meals can be included if required. Please contact Steve for the accommodation details.


Please Contact Dr Steven Holding for current course schedules and lecture course fees.                                   



Lecture courses may be repeated within a 12 month period. 


For details contact:

Dr. Steven Holding,

Mobile: 042 303 7474