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Lectures by Dr Steven Holding

The ADF, ADFA and Air Services Australia use mathematics and mental calculation tests as part of the Testing and selection procedure for the following positions.

Pilot (fixed wing and rotary)

Air Combat Officer (ACO)

Joint Battlefield Airspace Controller (JBAC)

Air Traffic Control (Both ADF and Commercial)

Avionics Technician

Engineering (ADFA entry test)


All ADF entry tests are done without the aid of a calculator. This course is designed to help you to improve your speed, accuracy and confidence in the test. Course duration is 2 full days in class, followed by home study and another 2 days in class. Attendance is recommended however if the student is unable to attend, the course can be completed via correspondence. The course material includes preparation for

Stage 1: YOU test

Stage 2: Specialist Testing

Stage 3: Aviation Screening Program (ASP), completed at RAAF base East Sale.


You will be provided with after course study material and individual assistance if necessary. The average student will need 4 to 8 weeks home study to prepare properly. Note that the mathematics preparation may take longer depending on your previous experience and high school results.



  • English Comprehension
  • Rounding and Approximations for quick Mental Calculations
  • Streamlining Calculations and conversions using Fractions
  • Percentages and Ratios
  • Instrument Reading
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Basic Physics Laws
  • Simple Algebra
  • Pattern sequences
  • Number Sequences
  • Aeronautical applications of Trigonometry
  • Speed, Distance, Fuel Flow and Flight Planning Calculations

Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) entry testing. Includes. Algebra, Simple Graphs, Exponential Functions, Log Functions, Derivatives.

Please let me know prior to the course that you are an ADFA applicant.

  • Fold Out Cubes (Commercial ATC)
  • Rotating 3-D objects (Commercial ATC)
  • Checking (Commercial ATC)

Note: If students feel they need extra help with their Algebra and Trigonometry, and have already attended the Aptitude Course, I will be conducting an extra two day course. That’s free of charge for those students. Please contact Steve Holding to confirm your attendance.

Lecture Course Schedule

Venue: Saint Johns College, College Rd, Saint Lucia, U.Q. Campus.

Courses are conducted approximately once every calendar month in Brisbane (March to December). Please go to the college facebook page for course schedules.

Extra courses may be scheduled in Sydney or Melbourne, depending on demand. Please let me know if you have any preferred times.

Note: Accommodation is usually available on campus which includes meals. There is also cheaper self-contained accommodation in west-end. Please contact me to get some recommended options.

Course fees: Please contact Dr Steven Holding to obtain current fees.

Please make cheques payable to Dr Steven Holding. If you prefer to pay course fees by internet banking, or direct deposit at a bank branch please contact Dr Steven Holding for the account details.

Lecture courses may be repeated free of charge within a 12 month period.

For details contact:
Dr. Steven Holding,
Mobile: 042 303 7474